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Published on October 1, 2008

Cash and cash flow problems are big topics in the news these days. Large, global investment and financial institutions are in trouble. Banks are failing and being taken over. If you listen to some, without financial bailouts, the United States economy is in danger of  financial ruin. Many who insisted that the country was not in a recession a couple of weeks ago, are now mentioning the dreaded “d” word: Depression.

It’s big news when the big guys are in trouble. Small, women owned and minority businesses have always had difficulty with finances. Lack of cash flow and working capital is a leading cause of business failure. Noble Finances has some solutions that can help cure financial woes for companies turned down by traditional banking institutions.

The Atlanta Tribune’s “Moving Your Business Forward” (MYBF) event will be held October 9, 2008 in Columbus, GA. The theme for this 3rd annual MYBF conference in Columbus, GA is “Strategies for Business Growth: Finding Money & Understanding of the Benefits of Certification”.

Sandra Noble, that’s me, is featured on the financial panel at the Columbus MYBF event. I get to share about Noble Finances and the alternatives to traditional bank financing that we provide.

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Need Cash Flow? Business Financing Secrets at MYBF

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Sandra Noble

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