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Published on February 8, 2008

When I asked about a social network, I meant an online one. I’m in a couple but I’m not sure why. “They” say it’s a way to get known and somehow get a boost in website page rankings. So you can find me on Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, Plaxo Pulse, Tag Team Marketing, DirectMatches, CollectiveX (BDPA), Meetup, not to mention various yahoo groups.

After one person’s rave reviews about the usefulness of Linkedin, I did try to actually do targeted searches. So, I decided to reach out to business people from my college – Albright College in Reading, PA. I questioned why a couple of my colleagues even on Linkedin. I told them about my ideal clients for both my IT consulting business and for my receivables financing business. It did not occur to them to provide reciprocal information on their own companies until I asked. Anyway, since there was a limit to the free queries, that’s the end of that. Since then, Albright has established their own social network. I believe it’s for alumni. At some point I may investigate that

I notice that the Linkedin “invitation to connect” e-mails has gotten shorter. It used to be a couple of paragraphs. Now it’s just: I’d like to add you to my connection. I guess, as online social networking and connecting becomes more commonplace, it requires less explanation.

I have accepted numerous invitations to connect. Just cleaned up a couple of unanswered connection requests which dated back to 2004. Obviously, I’m not on top of things.

Sandra Noble

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  1. Nice to see you here in the blogosphere!

    I don’t have account with as many social networks as you listed. I do enjoy LinkedIn Network. I have over 1200 connections. In terms of that invitation 1-sentence … I *always* add a personalized sentence or two in front of the standard sentence….

    peace, Villager

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