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Published on February 22, 2008

I was recently on an airplane perusing the in flight catalog. Have you ever seen anyone actually order something on a domestic flight? I haven’t. But the fact that these books continue to appear in seat back pockets, is evidence that they are effective revenue generators. And, they have a lot of neat gadgets and things.

The headline for one product talked about boosting your prestige and your hearing at the same time. This product was basically a hearing aid which looked like a Bluetooth mobile phone headset. So the implication was that it is cool and prestigious to walk around with a phone headset in and on your ear. Once again I was reminded that I am probably out of step with mainstream thinking.

Am I the only one who thinks it is sometimes in poor taste to be wearing those “things”. I’ve seen people posing for pictures and even speaking in front of an audience with the above mentioned head gear. Now I know I’m over 50. And I go back to rotary dial phones where you had to stick your finger in a circle slot and rotate for each number. In those days wireless and cordless was unheard of. But, most people who need hearing assistance are over 50 like me. (Although that may change, since the younger generation is ruining their ears with loud music.) I’d be interested to know if the effectiveness of that particular advertisement for hearing aids. Someone thought that was a good idea.

Do babyboomers think Bluetooth is a status symbol? And, do we need to be that connected, where we don’t miss a call? With all these communications & telecommunications, are we really communicating better? Or, just faster and more frequently?

Sandra Noble

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