Christmas: Is the Anti-Christ Offended By Christmas?

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Published on December 20, 2010

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Christian belief is that Jesus was immaculately conceived (without benefit of sexual intercourse between Mary and Joseph) and born to a virgin. Jesus is therefore the one and only Son of God. Christian Holiday - Christmas

Not only that, but the Christians believe that Jesus was and is the promised Messiah. Jesus endured life as a human being in order to save mankind and women kind from their sins. He is the savior.

What’s an Antichrist?

Using a very liberal definition, the antichrist is anyone who does not believe in Jesus being the Christ, the Messiah. Those who do not accept that salvation is through Jesus Christ are antichrists, or at least anti Christian.  


What do Jews Think About Christmas?

In this day and age of political correctness, we can no longer refer to Christmas trees, and Christmas parties – we might offend someone. But are Jews offended? Jesus was a Jew and a Jewish scholar at that. Since Jews do not accept Jesus as the Messiah, they are still waiting for one. So the Jewish tradition is to especially celebrate the birth of sons.

The Jewish Hanukkah is always near Christmas and is a gift giving holiday. Christmas is the Christian gift giving holiday. Have you ever met a Jewish person who was offended by the mention of the word “Christmas”?

In the old days, business people were glad to have Jewish employees. The Jews were the ones willing to work on Sundays and on Christian holidays. Money talks. Unemployment is high. With the economic crisis, i.e. recession, many so called Christians are willing to sacrifice the observance of the Christian Sabbath and Christian holidays like Christmas…

They are not passing up the opportunity to make money. Christmas is stressful when you’re unemployed and/or are struggling financially. After all, gifts cost money.


What about the Muslims?

You already know about the radical Islamic extremists. They are out to convert the world to Islam, by any means possible. Christians are considered to be infidels. So Muslims can be considered antichrist.

They are willing to do violence against Christians and anyone in nations they perceive to be Christian nations. Despite what President Barack Obama said, the United States was founded on Christian principles and is therefore considered a Christian nation.

The Black Muslims and other American born Muslims in the United States generally started out as Christians. These Americans have chosen to reject the Christianity and Christian beliefs.

But Muslims teach that Jesus is a prophet who did many miracles and is worthy of respect. And there is some evidence that the virgin birth is accepted as well. So based on this, Muslims are not antichrists.

There have been books and articles about “the intolerant Christ”. But Islam tends to be the intolerant religion. They do object Christmas traditions and to people saying Christmas tree or Christmas parties. They have however been known to show up at Christmas dinner and eat Christmas cookies…All the while, protesting about the word Christmas.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!

And for the antichrists: Happy Holidays!

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Sandra Noble

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