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Published on March 5, 2008

I keep finding myself drawn to this 2.0 stuff – whether Web 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0. Atlanta appears to have large following and fan base of these concepts and techniques. I’m still working on getting the terms straight. At times, I’m not sure whether I should be using “social media” or “social networking”. One thing I do know: I need to keep tabs on what’s going on with Web 2.0.

The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) is an umbrella group consisting of technology special interest group communities / societies. The newest society is called TAG Enterprise 2.0, and its focus is to explore and educate on Web 2.0 technology movement. Perhaps this phenomenon could be better described as a revolution and societal paradigm shift. It’s already second nature to the under thirty crowd. The wave is spreading to the over 30, over 40 and over 50 populations. And, this technology is being embraced more and more by the business community.

The first TAG Enterprise 2.0 meeting (March 5, 2008), featured Puneet Gupta, CEO and Founder of Connectbeam. Connectbeam’s product is used behind corporate firewalls for searching, tagging, social bookmarking and social networking. What they add to typical Google searches, is the ability to see
1) Who else in the organization has searched on the same thing?
2) The intent, context or tags associated with the prior searches.
3) The ability to connect with others doing similar searches.

Finally an application and strategy that makes sense for businesses of all sizes. Connectbeam already has an impressive list of clients, starting with Honeywell as their first customer. The implementation of this product enables companies to control their data, integrate with existing IT infrastructure, and incorporate data access and security requirements. Connectbeam’s product allows companies to measure the rate of adoption and increases in productivity as a result of implementing an Enterprise 2.0 framework.

I guess it’s innovate or be left behind.

Sandra Noble

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