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Published on March 10, 2008

What’s wrong with talking to a human? Apparently it costs too much to talk to a human. And companies are about reducing costs. Companies focus on the bottom line – profits. Businesses don’t consider the fact that the top line, revenues, might be enhanced if their customers had better experiences when interacting with the company.

I recently had another birthday. Thus I’ve even further distanced myself from the working people pack. When you consider that most people work for about 40 years, those over 50 are in the last quarter of their working lives. And, with all the early retirements, there are not many people older than me still working. Or some, as one lady I know, are focused on counting the months and days until retirement.

But let’s consider those who retired 10 or more years ago. Most of them are impacted by technology because their children and grandchildren are “keeping up with technology”. The teens of today have never been without computers and cell phone technology and satellite TV and the list goes on. They are totally comfortable with technology.

One pet peeve of many people, irrespective of age, is dealing with telephone voice prompts. It’s difficult to get through to a person. When I’m calling for help, I never seem to fit into any of the options numbers. There are still people with rotary phones, as in my uncle. I admit I sometimes cheat and follow the rotary phone option. But many times I just tough it out. After all, my career has been in and my company, Noble & Associates Consulting is focused on Information Technology. Technology does not scare me. So, I can do this.

Nevertheless, I was delighted to know there is a website that has the secret to getting to a living, breathing person – without punching 50 buttons. Check out

Sandra Noble

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