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Published on February 15, 2008

Sandra Noble PhotoIn the United States we celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. For many, it’s a day to remember romantic love relationships. It’s marketed and promoted by candy, florist, greeting card and other retail businesses as a reason to give gifts. But, it’s just good to celebrate love in any and all of it’s forms.

I sent the following to my personal list. It felt so good, that I decided to share with my blog reading friends. Accept this as my wish for you. Please enjoy some of the lyrics to the song “I wish you love”.

I wish you bluebirds in the Spring
To give your heart a song to sing
And then a kiss, but more than this,
I wish you love!

And in July a lemonade
To cool you in some leafy glade
I wish you health, and more than wealth,
I wish you love!

I wish you shelter from the storm
A cozy fire to keep you warm
But most of all, but most of all…
When snowflakes fall, I wish you wealth
I wish you health…I wish you love!

Sandra Noble


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