Is There A Green Plan Americans Can Agree On?

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Published on August 16, 2010

Are Politicians Doing Their Jobs?

The United States is in trouble – economically and one could argue politically as well. The U.S. Congress is a wonderful legislative system, in theory. But. politics has become a dirty word. The political news would suggest that the system has gone awry. Regardless of political party, both Republicans and Democrats seem to be more focused on business of politics and being re-elected than they are on the best of doing what’s best for the country. Now the political campaigns are underway. Incumbent candidates are trying to convince the American people that the public’s interests and needs and wants have been served. And of course, that they will do better next time.

A Sustainable Future?

I love my country. Despite the negative political news, the United States government has lots of pluses. I want myself and all other Americans to survive and thrive. What’ the best way of having a sustainable future for the United States? Recycle!

Consider the idea of replacing them all and starting fresh.

Is it a green plan we can agree on?
Is this a change we can believe in?

I got an email that says it all…

Green Plan

GOAL FOR 2010 A great idea for 2010!!!!Let’s make it happen!
Finally, a Green Plan we can all get behind.

one in office, one in federal prison.


I wish I had thought of this!!



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