Should Environmental Folks Commit Crimes To Save The Earth?

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Published on June 12, 2010

When I think back to the peace movement in the 1960, many of the peace tactics and methods were anything but peaceful. Many of the environmentalists resonate with President Barack Obama’s slogan of “Change you can believe in”. Change is not comfortable. I often have to be jolted into making a change. It’s not news to anyone that those passionate about making change sometimes resort to crime.

Environmental criminals?

Audacity of hope for a greener earth and a greener world is a good thing. Audacity about breaking the law is quite another. To break the law is a crime. Consequently, some environmentalists are criminals. I guess those law breaking environmental enthusiasts subscribe to Malcolm X’s ”by any means necessary” theory. They are just trying to save the earth, save energy and promote a sustainable lifestyle. If I had to rate crimes to be concerned about, these would be low on the list.

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