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Published on April 26, 2008

Now there is a new breed, which normally refers to them as network marketers. I guess to get past the defenses of people like me who found the term MLM distasteful. I’d hear about “those people” and run into “those folks”. But it was really background noise.

Two or three years ago, I heard John Di Lemme speak. He’s a powerful speaker, motivator and success coach. He made his millions in multi-level marketing. At that point I was neutral about MLMs and even respected some of the people I knew in them. Then there was the onslaught of the YTBs – a travel MLM. But since I rarely take luxury vacations anymore, that had no appeal. But recently an old friend has a very upscale professional approach to YTB. Much more palatable, but still didn’t move me.

I think I’ve found an MLM that is different. No ordering, no inventory, no deliveries, no collections, no customer contracts, no customer risk. Sounds good to me. So, I’ve decided to let down my defenses and my disdain about network marketing income opportunities.

Sandra Noble

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  1. There is a huge opportunity to make money with MLM if you run your business online. MLM is perfect for people who would like to own and run their own business but not have the outlay for products and premises as with normal traditional businesses

  2. As a newbie mlmer I am always doing research for tips from as many different sources as possible. I do not believe I’ll ever learn enough to be satisfied…but persistence is my passion.

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