The 80 Hour Un-Work Week

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Published on August 25, 2008

Baby Boomers Go Into Un-Retirement is an interesting blog post about how baby boomers are handling retirement or not. Don’t know if Atlanta is different, but I know a lot of over 55 people who are going the NOT route.

Telecommunications used to be big in Atlanta. Telecommunications has taken a deep dive. And lots of other major employers in metropolitan Atlanta are faltering. And of course, the problem is not unique to Atlanta.

The three main effects of the recession or the financial downturns:
1) people are prematurely forced into requirement,
2) people are laid off and
3) pension funds and retirement accounts have lost value.

We’re not even going to talk about real estate, which in years past have been a source of funds for the senior citizen group. Our homes were the investments that were supposed to allow us to sustain ourselves after our working days were over. The equity that has been lost in our housing has forced the AARP aged folks to continue working to get the extra or essential spending money.

In an ideal world, many more would choose to retire. Your retirement plans wer probably to retire early. But the economic climate, both national and personal, removes some of the options. So I, as a late stage entrepreneur, am not alone in working long days and in pursuit of the dollar.

So much for retirement plans!
Sandra Noble

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