The Fall of Facebook?

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Published on January 15, 2009

Leesa Barnes made 4 predictions about social media. One I found particularly alarming.

“The popularity of some social networks will decline as business owners insist on owning their community’s content. Tools such as Facebook, Ning and KickApps are great because you can form your own niche community. However, with Facebook banning people for unknown reasons and with intrusive ads on Ning and KickApps, more and more business owners will turn to social networking tools that they can host on their own server so they can avoid these problems. I see Buddypress rising in popularity and alternatively, I see Facebook, Ning and KickApps declining in terms of page views. Look for Buddypress to become the small business owner’s social networking tool of choice in 2009.”

I’m still working on getting up to speed with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like.  And how to best use them for marketing and making money. And, I was totally unaware of the problems with Facebook.

Now there is a new frontier / social network I have to explore.

Sandra Noble

Leesa Barnes is an award winning blogger and critically acclaimed author who helps businesses get active using social media in 3 simple steps. To learn how you can become Marketing Fit, visit to get your complimentary eCourse called the Marketing Fit Detox: 3 Ways to Get Rid of Fattening Marketing Tactics for Good Using Social Media.

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  1. Again, it’s just a prediction. I’ll review my prediction to see if it indeed comes true.

    My point isn’t that Facebook is having problems, but more that we desire to have more control over our content. If any of these websites went down tomorrow (not to say they would, but what if), how quickly would any of us be able to move our community to a new spot?

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