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Published on February 29, 2008

It’s pronounced “Web two dot oh“. And, it seems I’m on track in exploring this Web 2.0 stuff. Web 2.0 is impacting the government as well as the presidential campaign. Many feel that embracing this new technology paradigm is one of the keys to the success of Barack Obama’s campaign. I think it was part of his strategy to implement and use Web 2.0 for competitive advantage.

As I mentioned in a prior article, all are impacted by this new internet / technology revolution. It may be directly by you accessing blogs, joining online social networks or accepting networking connection invitations. It may be indirect by your children or grandchildren helping you to do google and yahoo searches and researches. Or it could just be a societal impact. Whether you like it or not, those who embrace Web 2.0 and other internet features are affecting the way we run our businesses, purchase goods and services, donate money and run political campaigns.

This phenomenon is even being reported in government newsletters and government related article. It was reported that the U.S. Joint Forces Command’s (JFCOM) has set up a website to facilitate Web 2.0 activity. The membership of AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) provides communications, IT, intelligence, and global security solutions to the military. The article “AFCEA Solutions Series Blazes New E-Trails” is all about Web 2.0.

A recent title in the Government Technology hnewletter was “E-Vote: Tapscott Says Web 2.0 Will Determine Presidential Campaign Advantage”. And who is Tapscott? Don Tapscott is author of Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything (Portfolio 2006). In my “What’s a Wiki” article on February 10th, I tried to put mind energy around the concept of a Wiki. Suffice it to say, a Wiki is one of those Web 2.0 things. Tapscott’s “Wikinomics” terms suggests that there is an economic impact to the use of Wiki’s.

Watch out for Wiki’s and Web 2.0.
WWW – It’s what’s happening now!

Sandra Noble

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